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Runa is not another factory-made jewelry supplier, yet our core focus is on manufacturing custom jewelry. Thanks to being located in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, at the heart of the jewelry making's renowned capital, we're able to bring thousands of years of experience and the best quality of jewelry to our clients.


Why Runa?

Every piece of jewelry deserves to be treated as unique. To ensure this, we keep our core team small yet experienced. Our team consists of professionals who have a proven track record in the jewelry business; focuses on finding the best local artisans and manufacturers for the job needed. By handpicking the most appropriate supplier for the job each time, guarantees superior crafting quality.

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Our Expertise

Our team consists of a diverse group of professionals who have different careers in different lines of jewelry making. This diversity gives us the ability to do business in different fields. We have many customers in our business portfolio, from boutique designers to major online jewelry brands, from influencers to various department stores.

Jewelry Appraiser

Custom Jewelry Manufacturing

Gold, Gold Plated, Silver, Brass and other precious metals

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Professional guidance for jewelry brands, boutiques, online stores...

Design & Inspiration

Shaping your ideas with 2D & 3D designs

Pink Rose Earrings

Modelling & Sampling

Get sample to verify the quality

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How to order?



Discussing your design ideas is the first step. Any form of ideas, from rough hand sketches to CAD files, from Instagram photos to technical drawings are welcomed.


The design of the product is created in line with the brief received. Depending on the project, the design can be presented in 2D or 3D form.

Sample (Optional)

If requested, a sample from the approved design is produced and delivered. The cost of the sample is deducted by the total price if the order is taken place.

Production & Delivery

If the final price calculated based on the design/sample is approved, the production starts. The order is shipped
as soon as the production finishes.

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